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Terms & Conditions – Terms & Conditions

This web page has been assembled to provide you with information about us as well as our legal terms and conditions. This is on the basis of the services we provide you with on our website. We have two other pages which will provide you with additional information on such topics, these include, Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully to ensure you understand our system before proceeding with our services. It is important to know these conditions as they will be applied to contracts among us, as a result of the services we provide you with. For you to place any order with us, you must agree to our conditions, otherwise you will be unable to receive our services.

We recommend you to check our Terms & Conditions whenever you place an order with us. This is due to this information being updated at times which is why it is important for you to understand the most recent Terms. We last updated our Terms on 04/08/2017. All contracts enclosed by us are written only in the English Language. Here at Speedyfone Repairs we reserve the right to make changes to our website,, as well as our terms & conditions.

  1. Payments:

Payments can be paid via Credit or Debit Cards as well as Paypal. Please pay by using Paypal. If your bank account is registered outside of the UK. It doesn’t matter if the money has already left your bank account and you did not receive any confirmation. Don’t worry about it, the transaction is pending and due to your bank being outside of the UK, your money will be refunded by your bank in 3-5 working days. To finish your order, please go to checkout and pay via Paypal. If you are booking in a repair, we require payment before the work is complete. Buying any mobile devices from us? For security purposes, we can only deliver mobile device to the card holders billing address.

All of our prices include VAT and delivery charges, excluding those which state otherwise. Our online store prices often change. All sales and promotions state the price and time scale they apply for. If our repair service is paid for, please ensure you send out your device to us ASAP. A rational time period is required, this is due to prices changing. If the price increases, you will be liable for paying the extra fee.

  1. No fix, no fee policy & non-refundable repairs:

If your device cannot be repaired by us, we will waver the charge. Please note this does NOT include diagnostic and water damage repairs. Although, we will examine every repair separately and contemplate a refund dependent on the scenario.

  1. Sending Terms & Conditions:

Once you have finished your order, please package the device, print off our free label and stick it to the outside of the package. Do NOT post your package through a letter box. Please then take your packaged device to your local post office and make sure you receive a receipt from the post office. This receipt will have on it a bar code which will allow you to track your parcel. You CANNOT track your parcel without this bar code receipt.

If you wish to return your device, you are able to use the same postage label we provided you in your original confirmation email.

Be careful if you send any additional parts with your device as these are sent at your own risk. Speedyfone Repairs cannot be held accountable for any parts lost before your parcel is received by us. To prevent anything from going missing, please make sure that all parts are wrapped and sealed within the package safely. You can check the progress of your repair on our Repair Tracking System (Link to this), and we will book in all separate parts into this as soon as we receive them.

  1. Delivery Terms & Conditions:

Here at Speedyfone Repairs, all of our orders consist of our Free Post Returns Service and Return Delivery provided by Royal Mail Tracked 24 (Recorded Next Day Delivery). Because of this service we offer, most repaired devices are posted out the same day through the use of Royal Mail Tracked 24 (Next Day Delivery). You have the option to choose either our Next Day Free Returns Address or your own courier option at our checkout page. Did you know our Next Day Free Returns Address covers items worth up to £500? Please choose your own courier if you wish to cover of an item which holds more value than £500. Please contact us within 3 days of receiving your item if it has been damaged by the courier. Remember that you must inspect your received items upon receipt.


Remember that when you purchase items from us at Speedyfone Repairs, we select the courier we use. Our delivery method is a signed for service so we are unable to leave your package with a neighbour. If ordering items from us, it may take 3-5 working days to process your order. This could be due to quality checks. However, we will notify you via email with an update. Once your parcel is sent, the status of your delivery will change to Shipped as soon as your order is sent. Your order can be tracked here: 


Please check your delivery package when you receive it for any damage. Do NOT throw away any of the packaging, we require this to be sent back with the item(s) so we can complete your claim. Please understand we CANNOT process your claim and repair your device without this. If your package is damaged, make sure you contact someone from customer support crew ASAP. You can contact us via, Live Chat (hyperlink), or on our Tel. 07376714777. Claims can take up to 28 days to finalise.


Royal Mail Track 24 use The Post Office to exercise their Next Day Delivery Service. Nonetheless, they do state it can take up to 10 working days. If you would like to read more check out:


Please remember that we provide a free shipping service and so we do NOT repay any extra delivery payments made by our customers.

If you choose to make a claim due to your device being lost in the post in a very an unusual circumstance, we would require a copy of the receipt with the barcode (tracking information) as well as the original receipt of the purchase order. This kind of process can take up to 28 days for additional response to take place.


If you need to change the address, please contact us previous to the item is sent. This does apply to your original order and if you use additional payments. The best way for you to contact us with your new address information is via email. We cannot change your address after your package has been dispatched. You can re-arrange your delivery or collect your package from your local APC Depot, find out how here:


Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee your requests made on the notes section at the checkout will be accepted. Such notes may include specific dates and times for the package to be delivered. Most items are sent out within our promised 3 – 5 working days. If any problems occur, we will inform you.

  1. International Customers (Outside of the UK):

Please note that our free postage is unavailable to customers outside of the UK. If you require your items to be returned. Because of this, your courier charge will not be reimbursed.

If you are a customer outside of the UK, it will be necessary for you to order your own courier to send your device to us. Although, if you require any help, we may be able to assist you. For us to deliver your device back to you safely and securely, there will be an added charge. We use an international postal service with prices which vary on the location of delivery.

  1. Speedyfone Repairs Warranty:

Here at Speedyfone Repairs, we provide 60 days’ warranty on all accessories we sell.

All of our repairs come with our 12-Months Don’t Worry About It Warranty (this excludes software, liquid damage and batteries). We provide 3-months warranty for battery repairs. Our warranty is void for any issues related to physical and accidental damage, also if the device is opened after returned back to you. You may be liable to a fee if you wish to have your device repaired, that is if the required repair is not within the terms of the guarantee or warranty.

Remember software and liquid damage repairs are not covered by our warranty. Our repair warranty does not cover Wifi& Cellular issues on the iPhone 4 & 4S. Also, sometimes iPad screen repairs may have very light grid lines emerge. These do not affect the performance of the digitizer screen so Speedyfone Repairs are unable to provide or fit replacement part or refund you because of this.

Our warranty will only cover the original repair done by us. One example of our 12-months warranty, if you paid for an iPad front screen/digitizer repair and after some time it starts faulting, then we would repair this for you under the warranty for free. But if the device has been damaged or any extra errors occur that are unrelated to the original repair, then the warranty would be void and the repair would require payment. Any device sold or repaired by us will have the warranty void if you take it to an alternative company.

The warranty we provide for the devices we sell vary depending on the device and this only protects against manufacturing defects. This means that if an issue occurs which is unrelated to manufacturing defects or occurs outside of the warranty time length then there may be an extra charge. Remember physical and accidental damage is not covered by warranty.

Speedyfone Repairs’ devices have their batteries covered by a 3-month warranty. However, if you choose to have your battery repaired you will be covered by a new repair warranty.

All returned reset devices must have the Google/iCloud accounts removed or information provided so we can test the device. We cannot provide a warranty without this.

All of our warranty claims have to be reported within the warranty period and must be returned back to our premises within 14 days of this.

  1. Testing procedures

Speedyfone Repairs highly skilled trained technicians and testers are very experienced. Before any system is worked on, we consistently test it upon arrival every time, also previous the system is returned to you. Speedyfone Repairs checklist ensures all device functions are tested thoroughly before any work is considered. By adhering to these procedures, we never miss any errors to ensure the quality of service is to the highest degree possible. Some of the features we test include, battery, buttons, camera (back & front), digitizer, front screen, LCD display, software, signal (network/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi) plus more! Find out exactly what is wrong with your device and book a repair now at

  1. Our Diagnostic Service information:

Speedyfone Repairs’ diagnostic service includes all the investigation and labor spent on the device for the entire time it is in our care. Whilst any device in our hands, it is under continuous investigation where we test the device several times before and after the repair to ensure we have a thorough diagnosis and do not miss anything.

We subtract the diagnostic costs from every repair you go ahead with.
Did you know the diagnostic charge only covers the cost of postage?

  1. Customer data

Prior to sending any device to us, please make sure the information and data on the device(s) have a backup. Due to the method used for some repair and testing operations we use, we cannot promise all data will remain on the device(s) sent to us. However, if you have a back-up we can restore the data for you, alternatively you can do this yourself. Please remove all accessories from the device as well as the sim and memory cards as we will not be liable for these items being lost. If looking for data recovery, please wrap your storage device up separately then wrap both together into one big parcel. This is not essential but organization will reduce chances of items being damaged or lost.

In the interest of a speedier repair, we recommend removing the password (security to lock device) from all devices sent to us. Our technicians will sometimes have to factory reset or update the software on your device in order to complete the repair properly. Speedyfone Repairs do not accept responsibility in respect to the confidentiality, protection, security or use of such data. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that information is removed from the mobile or other technology device before it is sent to us.

Working with Speedyfone Repairs and sending any device to us means that you agree to free us from all losses, damages or claims in regards to any mobile device or other computing system. This also includes data stored inside, in that respect as well as any media used in association among the mobile device; such information and types include games, videos, photos, songs, SMS, personal information, also other information.

  1. Cancellation conditions:

If you are trying to cancel a repair, it is essential that this is done before any device is sent, otherwise the order will not be refundable. Whenever it is possible for us to cancel, we will subtract an extra postal fee from the repair cost. Usually we cannot allow cancellations for devices we have already received. The type of repair required is relevant to whether the cancellation is possible. Once we have received the device and depending on the repairs that need to be carried out, we may not be able to cancel, however, if we can, an additional postage charge shall be deducted from your repair cost.


Please remember our No Fix No Fee Policy, as this applies.

You can cancel by contacting us during working hours via:
Tel. 01843 309084                                          E-mail:

  1. Return Procedures:

For security purposes, any refunded payment can only be repaid to original payer through the original payment method. Before any refund is possible, our management will check the device and situation over as the device has to remain faulty for a refund to be provided. Postage costs are excluded from the refund. reattempt the repair on every device 3 times if the first try is unsuccessful.

Please note that this does not apply to our refurbished devices, diagnostic or water damaged items.

  1. Repair procedures and delays:

We repair and send back most broken devices fixed within 24 hours of receiving them. Obviously in some rare cases there may be a delay. Each repair requires different level of skill and time. Currently, 99% of our repairs are completed the same day which means most are also sent via the Free Next Day Delivery Service we offer. Even though most repairs can be finished the same day, some repairs can take longer (up to 5-10 working days). This can be due to the approach of the repair or if multiple repairs or systems require work to them. This includes: 

  • Software repairs
  • Motherboard repairs
  • Liquid Damage repairs

If you have any queries about software/motherboard/liquid damage repairs then please inquire with a member of the team beforehand, and we can provide you with an estimate of the completion time for the repair. Be warned, this is not a promise or an obligation under our terms of agreement.

Speedy Fone Repairs do repair waterproof devices but this usually requires the device to me opened and resealed. Because waterproof devices are originally made and sealed within a manufacturing factory with high-tech machines with the use of unique liquid proof seals, we cannot promise that your device will be fully waterproof after we have completed the repair. We use the best techniques and highest quality parts for our repairs, and replace all parts necessary but we do not have the specialist equipment necessary to ensure the device is 100% waterproof.  

Your repair may take longer if there is a hold up, do not worry though. We will notify you with the cause of this as well as the completion date. If you would like to check the status of your repair you can check here (link to repair tracker) via our repair tracker. Your repair may be held up if we need to order in new parts or during the diagnostic process. The reason for this is that Speedyfone Repairs skilled techs inspect every part of the device to find any possible faults and the cause. Unfortunately, not all diagnosed faults can be repaired. Although we successfully repair most faults.

Any device sent to us for a repair will be tested thoroughly by our highly skilled technicians. Our technicians run a full diagnostic assessment any device before they attempt any repair. If a Speedyfone Repairs technician finds an extra fault with your device, you’ll be sent a notification via email with a request for further payment. It is your choice to have this fault repaired but if you would like us to go ahead with this repair then please pay the requested amount. Once paid, our technicians will complete the work and send it back to you. If not, we will return your device back to you as it is or with the work you paid for and requested originally. You can contact us anytime if there are any queries you have about the repair.

In any instance of Speedyfone Repairs receiving a device with no faults, we will only charge a small fee of £9.99. This would be for diagnostic and postage costs; the previously paid amount would be refunded.

  1. Accountability

If sending a broken device to us, it is likely that our technicians will open the device to complete the diagnosis and repair processes. Due to the nature of opening a damaged device, there is a small risk of light damages to the device. Although these do happen sometimes, we do our best to prevent additional damages from occurring. As a result of this nature, we cannot be held accountable for damage or issues created due to an earlier repair.

Speedyfone Repairs will not be held culpable for a faulty Touch ID once a repair has been accomplished. This is in regards to home button and screen repairs when sending mobile device such as a tablet or mobile phone.

  1. Blocked Devices Procedures:

Any blocked or jail-broken device sent to us will be sent back and refunded, this does not include shipping services. Also, devices sent to us for liquid damage and diagnostic services will not receive a refund. For security and warranty reasons we cannot repair a device with no IMEI number. it is against our procedures to repair any blocked or jail-broken device.

  1. Refurbished Devices + Money back & exchange guarantee:

com’s top priority is customer satisfaction. One method we use to obtain and maintain this is by providing all of our customers with a 2 weeks money back guarantee for every refurbished phone we sell. This means that if you are not satisfied with the purchased device then we allow you to return the device within 14 days for a refund.

Please note that this applies from the date the device is received and signed for and not the day it is ordered.  If for any reason the device is repaired or swapped for a different one, the 2 weeks will not restart.

You can rent a device of ours whilst yours is in repair. If you were to attempt use of our 2 weeks money back guarantee, you would be charged a small fee of £9.98 for rental reasons.

Did you know you can exchange your refurbished device within 30 days of receiving it? Once the 30 days are over, you can still sell or trade in your device to us and repair your device with us too. We can customize your device many ways, one being replacing the built-in chassis for a more aesthetic one.

  1. Speedyfone Swapping Service:

Did you know we also offer our Speedy Swapping Service. What this entails is that you can swap any device you have with one of ours. Depending on the value (condition/make/model) of your device you may receive extra trade in credit or pay a little more money. All devices come with our 12 months warranty, this covers faults and defects against the device, but not accidental damage. We repair and replace any faults for free during the 12 months period. Refunds and returns are unavailable for your original device once you have sent your device to us. Remember you have 30 days to exchange your device once you’ve received it.

  1. Insurance information:

com protect your device with insurance whilst it is in transit only. This only includes our own courier services and does not include yours. In other words, our free shipping services we provide has coverage of up to the value of your device which could be up to $500. provide you with the insurance and not Royal Mail.

If your device is worth more than £500, you will not be covered. However, you can pay an extra fee towards our free delivery service which would ensure your device is fully covered with insurance. You will be provided with a device of the same or similar make & model which holds the same value.

 Our insurance claimed devices come with 3 months warranty, the warranty will not cover accidental damage although, it covers all faults and defects.

Speedyfone Repairs insurance will provide you with a fully functional replacement device. On the other hand, a refund of any repair or service we provide cannot be done, if the device has been lost in the post. Due to the work having already been done to the device, including all the diagnostic and labor work, it is simply just not practical to do so.

We require pictures of the package for proof for you to claim on the insurance. There is a possibility we will not be able to cover the loss of items if the packaging lacks security or the packaging is tampered with. Additionally, we are unable to cover any damage during postal handling.

Remember our insurance only covers postal loss. What this means is that if your package is not delivered, signed for and the courier company which use can confirm the item(s) are lost only then can we process with your claim.

Please note that we will require you, the customer, to provide us with your unique tracking code for our services to process the insurance claim.

  1. E-mails & Messages:

Here at Speedyfone Repairs, our number one top priority is customer satisfaction. One of the ways we ensure we maintain this is by offering the best customer service to all of our customers. Even though we respond ASAP, sometimes there may be delays. Delays usually only occur during sun-down, weekends and bank holidays. Most customers will be contacted within a few minutes (short messages), anything which requires a technician or management such as a more technical or detailed message is often answered within an hour. We currently answer all customers within 24 hours and this is only due to delays during busy periods, sun-down, weekends and bank holidays. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the team you can contact us via our pop-up live chat found on our website, also our contact details can be found at uk/pages/contact-us.Weekend, Sun-down & Bank Holiday Service:
com aim to provide the best quality of service for our customers so we aim for the speediest and highest standards of customer service. Even though we respond ASAP, delays may be experienced during the weekend (primarily Sundays), sun-down and bank holidays. This means that emails and message responses from us may not be as speedy. If you are trying to speak to us over the telephone, please call back during normal working hours.

  1. Errors:

Apple devices - iOS 10 Update:
With most software updates, we find many errors and faults. Since the iOS 10 update, LCD issues have risen. The main problem found is grid lines being displayed across the screen, this is caused by a malfunction after a hard reset of the device. The issue is in Apples hands so please note that this is will not be covered by Speedyfone Repairs’ warranty for our devices or repairs. Apple - Error 53:

Error 53 may occur on any Apple device with touch ID. This can sometimes happen after performing repairs related to the screen, liquid damage and motherboard. Again, this is in Apples hands so such errors will not be covered by our repairs warranty for the following devices:
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 5s
iPad Mini 3

Please note that this may also occur on other Apple devices which have touch ID. Apple have since released updates and ways to fix this error. If you wish to find out more you can check out Apple’s support answer here:

  1. Apple - Grey Screen error:

com will not be held liable for the grey screen error (also known as the grey screen of death), if we have repaired your apple device. The error appears in the form of a grey bar or screen on the Apple device. This is not covered by our repairs warranty since Apple is held accountable for this issue.

  1. VAT legislation:

Each and every one of our refurbished mobile phones, tablets and other technology systems are sold in subject to section 50A of the VAT Act 1994 and the VAT (Special Provisions) order 1995. A VAT Margin scheme does apply, to find out more you can read here

  1. Complaints information:

You can file a complaint to If you wish to do so please contact us via: E-mail:
Tel: 01843 309084

For a speedier response, you can contact us during normal working hours or try out our live chat.