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Hello Speedy Fone Repairs Customer, 

At this point in time, we are more reliant on our mobile devices than ever before. Now, having become so reliable on these devices to a point that they are integrated into our daily lives. This allows us to communicate extensively across the globe. So when something goes wrong with your device, it can be a real problem. We are here help. We understand the whole process of going back and forth to a repair shop for device repair. Our service is quick, simple, easy and cheaper so worry no more. We save you money from manufactures with our refurbished & Pre-Owned devices and from local repair shops prices and false warranties.


We all do things which can go wrong and when they do it can be a real dilemma. Speedy Fone Repairs aims to fill a void of the clear choice of where to get devices repaired. The choices being: paying inflated rates from the manufacturers or a local repair shop.


Quality of repair is critical to building our reputation. The growth of unprincipled repair centre’s operating across the UK, whether they fit substandard parts, have untrained technicians or renege of warranty agreements, it can be a minefield. With the increase of poor quality repair shops and centres around the UK, we find it is the quality of the repair and customer service which is crucial for gaining reputation in the industry. Here at Speedy Fone Repairs, our top policy is to be straight, accurate and honest with the customers on the work we do to the devices, as well as how we do it. We have a passion for keeping our customers happy and consistently satisfied by our services. The foundation of word of mouth by our customers recommending us to others is how our business has grown and we would love it to continue this way. To ensure this, we use top quality parts, have highly experienced, trained and skilled technicians and stick to our warranty agreements 100%.


With a revolutionary, more advanced, improved and overall superior service, why not choose us? Our top priority and main focus is on the speed, value for money and the quality of the repairs we do, as well as the service we provide for our customers. We are so confident, hence our 12 Months Don't Worry About It Warranty (no fuss/no worries Guarantee). Now, you are thinking… So what is the catch? There is no catch, we’ve gone through a revolution in our business service and wish to provide our customers with the highest achievable quality of customer care.


Our service allows you, the customer, to send your device to us via mail and courier methods. Although, we understand that you may be a little apprehensive about sending your device for repair to a company on the internet. Speedy Fone Repairs go through extra efforts to ensure we keep you up to date right through the whole process to keep you total peace of mind. Now, how do we do this? Well, we have a system that notifies you for each and every stage of the process, right to the date you expect it to be returned to you. We use our communication and services to remain organised, that is how we establish we are exceptional.


Did you know we were the very first mobile phone repair shop to open in Thanet? Our first store was located in Margate, Kent over 15 years ago. For the first 6 years we were the only retail company in Thanet doing mobile phone repairs. We opened multiple shops in Margate area, this included our Ramsgate shops, trained up our staff and they bought the shops. Now we have revolutionised our business to go online with our all new Same Day Repair, Next Day Delivery Service System.


We try our hardest to provide our customers with an unmatched service. Being a business focused on development, we are interested in your view and opinion of us. We aim to provide the best quality of service and know there is always room for adaption and improvement. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how we could elevate our services, please contact us via our telephone number, live chat or email, Thank you!