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12 Month Warranty

Speedyfonerepairs 12 Month Warranty

All of our repairs are completed to the best standards possible by our highly skilled technicians. We also provide you with a full 12-month warranty to keep your peace of mind due to the small chance of a problem.

Our Coverage:

  • Our 12-month warranty at Speedy Fone Repairs covers all labour work we do, including parts used. If a part of your device we replaced faults without you having caused the damage, we can repair or replace that for you, free of charge as long as it is within 12 months after the repair.

So, what don’t we cover:

  • Software faults

  • Lost data (We recommend data backups before proceeding with a repair)

  • Damage to the device due to misuse

  • Liquid damage to device

  • Any issues NOT related to the original repair completed by us

  • If any work is done to the device after the repair, excluding our own technicians then the warranty will be void.

Contact Us

Can we help with anything else? Maybe you need some advice with buying a new device, or you wish to trade one in? Is there a problem with your repair and you’re not quite sure what it is? Well, you can contact us via email, tel, or even our live chat.

Our Product Warranty

If you are interested in the warranty information for our products, including new, preowned and refurbished products such as phones & tablets please click here.